I have been doing IT stuff for companies of varied sizes and types for 10+ years. My experience is mainly in systems administration (SRE) and IT security. I have touched several infrastructures and done quite some programming or scripting. I try to stay on top of new technologies and practices and use them when/where appropriate. I am not bad at managing smaller projects and teams.

Selected employment history

Sr. Security Engineer at Deutsche Telekom Pan-Net [Bratislava, 2017 - present]

  • Building and operating security products (WAFs, load balancers, containers, SIEM) the DevOps way.
  • Building and maintaining tools (APIs, scripts, CLI tools).
  • Managing projects/products.

Security Engineer at First Data [Bratislava, 2016 - 2017]

  • Did full-stack administration of a large log management solution based on Splunk, syslog-ng, Linux.
  • Implemented a monitoring system using Python, Perl and Bash.
  • Implemented a testing environment using VirtualBox, Vagrant, Ansible.

Sr. Linux Systems Specialist at Eset [Bratislava, 2015 - 2016]

  • Administered Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) servers and services running on top of them (e.g. MySQL, Postfix).
  • Implemented a configuration management tool (Ansible) and some other DevOps patterns like infrastructure as code, automated testing.

System and Network Administrator at Institute of Science and Technology [Vienna, 2013 - 2015]

  • Took care of Linux based infrastructure (email system, web servers, file servers, DNS) and networking.
  • Built tools and automated tasks via Perl, Bash and Ansible.
  • Wrote software for monitoring backups and virtual machines using MySQL and Perl Dancer.
  • Started to migrate monitoring system from Nagios to clustered Icinga2 setup.

System Administrator at Kedros [Bratislava, 2009 - 2011]

  • Administered internal Linux (Debian) based infrastructure.
  • Setup and maintained testing environments (Solaris, RHEL, Tomcat, Oracle) in collaboration with developers and testers.
  • Wrote automation scripts in Unix shell and Perl.
  • Managed projects’ deliverables.

IT Auditor at Slovak Telekom [Bratislava, 2004 - 2006, 2011 - 2013]

  • Performed audits in IT, networking and IT security areas (e.g. Internet facing applications security, PKI review, Security of remote access, Patch management and vulnerability assessment).
  • Administered internal lab consisting of Linux servers and Cisco networking devices.
  • Managed small (up to 4 people) audit teams.


LPIC-2: Linux Professional Institute Certification - Advanced Level Administration [2012 - 2017]

CCENT: Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician [2013 - 2016]

CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional [2011 - 2014]

CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate [2006 - 2009]

Formal Education

Cisco Networking Academy - Four semester study in computer systems networking and telecommunications [2005 - 2006]

University of Economics [1998 - 2004]

Bilingual high-school, Slovak - Italian [1993 - 1998]

Technologies and Tools

(I have used the following stuff professionally)

Operating systems

  • Linux/UNIX: Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, CentOS, Solaris, OpenBSD
  • virtualization/cointainers: KVM, Vagrant, VMware, VirtualBox, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes


  • artificial: Perl, Bash, Python, Go (Golang)
  • natural: English, Italian, Czech, Slovak


  • general: Linux networking, iptables, Cisco switches, GSM
  • daemons: Apache, Bind, vsftp, OpenLDAP, OpenVPN, sshd, nginx


  • configuration, orchestration: Ansible, OpenStack Heat
  • monitoring: Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, Prometheus
  • big data and logs: Splunk, syslog-ng, Graylog, Grafana
  • databases: MySQL, Oracle
  • HA: Pacemaker, DRBD, HAProxy, keepalived
  • hardware: Supermicro, HP, Ironport, Cisco, EMC, Netapp
  • backups: Bacula, ZFS, rsnapshot, rsync
  • editors: Vi(m), Visual Studio Code, Atom, Notepad++
  • documentation: MediaWiki, Confluence, MoinMoin, Hugo
  • tickets, bugs and projects: RT, Jira, Redmine, Remedy, GitLab
  • security: nmap, tcpdump, Wireshark, OSSEC, Metasploit
  • VCS, CI/CD: git, GitHub, GitLab, TravisCI
  • chatops: Slack | | +421 948 525 610